1. What should appear in the display after the SKYNDEX is turned ON with the calipers closed?
    88.8 should appear as a check to show that all numerical segments are functioning properly.  After about one second, 0.0 should appear.
  2. What should you do if the display remains blank after the power is turned ON? 
    If the display remains blank, it is likely that the battery has become discharged.  Plug the power plug into the receptacle located at the bottom of the handle and the adapter into a “live” 120 volt outlet.  Turn the power ON.   If display still does not show 88.8, followed by 0.0, double check to see if the outlet is “live”.  If the outlet is operational, the unit is not functioning properly and must be returned for repair.
  3. What might cause the display to show an “E” reading?
    The display will show an “E” reading if you applied even the slightest pressure on the trigger as the unit is powered ON.  If this occurs, turn the unit OFF and ON again, without holding the trigger.
  4. After the SKYNDEX is turned ON, and the display is reading properly, what do you do next?
    Turn the FORMULA knob to the number which corresponds to the age and sex of the person you are measuring.
  5. How do you determine which FORMULA number to use?
    The proper age and sex is determined from the label on the side of the SKYNDEX.
  6. What do you do if you have used the wrong formula?
    Turn the SKYNDEX OFF, then select the proper formula number.
  7. If you make an error at any one site, how do you go about cancelling the erroneous reading and obtaining a new one it its place?
    Press the rocker switch a second time while the erroneous skinfold value is being displayed.  The display will then indicate the number of sites recorded, followed by two dashes.  After about two seconds, the display again indicates the current caliper opening.  Now retake the same site.
  8. What does it mean if the numbers fade?
    This merely means that the battery is discharged.  You may use the instrument with the wall adapter until you install a new battery.
  9. What does it mean when the numbers flash indicating percent body fat before the final skinfold is taken?
    The rocker switch was accidentally pressed one extra time as each skinfold was being assessed.  The SKYNDEX will record a 0.0 reading if the rocker switch is depressed while the caliper jaws are closed.  Turn the unit OFF and ON again and then retake all the skinfolds.

If you still need assistance or additional information,
please call WELLTEC at 855-SKYNDEX (759-6339),
email info@skyndex.com

If your calipers need repair, please see the support page for shipping and payment.